During the regular meetings had on the festival days with Heads of the Institutions, there was a strong request to hold following training programs which was rather important for the benefit of disabled children in Sri Lanka.

Project No.01 – To train deaf children’s parents & others who wish to learn sign Language and to provide them basic residential   facilities for weekends at our Head Quarters in Egodauyana, Moratuwa. Sri Lanka.

Project No. 02 –To train White – Cane Mobility training for the Blind children’s parents & others who wish to learn proper usage of White – Cane and provide them hostel facilities for weekends at our Head Quarters.

Project No. 03 -   To organize “Children’s Arts Festival to commemorate the Children’s day in October 2020.

Our requirements

  1. Preparation of the Hostel which costs  us Rs.500000/- (Includes 25 Folding Beds & mattresses)
  2. Cost of meals for participants - Each person’s meals for 4 weekends (8 days) 400 x 8 x 25 persons Rs. 80000/- & for 05 groups Rs. 400000/-
  3. Instructor’s allowances per month 15000 x 12   =Rs .180000/-

Since we are having Land, Buildings and other basic facilities we do hereby request any Donation Agency or any Philanthropist to come forward and sponsor these valuable projects for the benefit of Sri Lankan disabled.

Bankers: Peoples Bank – Moratuwa Branch - Sri Lanka

Auditors: Tisseverasinghe  Sothylingam & Co
Charetered Accountants
Sri Saranankara Road